"FitMe Challenge" Info

Hey Ladies and Gents. So if you are reading this blog then I’m hoping you are interested in the “Fit-Me Challenge” correct? Ok so I am going to be as brutally honest and authentic with you because I believe honesty is key!


This challenge will be absolutely tough! Tough because you are going to have to hold yourself accountable! I am not going to hold your hand day in and day out BUT you will get all the information and guidance necessary to succeed.


The challenge will come with a nutritional plan,at home workout that MUST be done (part of the challenge) and of course weekly check ins!


Now lets talk about the check ins… They will be every Saturday; you will have to shoot me an email with an update letting me know how things are going. If you send me your check in a day before or day after, I will not read it. I will answer basic questions but don’t expect for me to baby you on your challenge. The update should let me know how you’re feeling, if you’re noticing change internally and externally, and some basic questions. Don’t send me an update asking how to do a certain exercise (google it) if frozen vegetables are better than canned veggies (it’s your choice) or how to cook grilled chicken (google again). Catching my vibe now? Ask me good quality questions… if you have some… and if you don’t… great J


How will I Track your progress? Well before the challenge starts (October 1st) You will have to take a front and side picture(women wearing bikini/sports bra/booty shorts/etc… men wearing shorts only… more skin showing the better…no nudies please) on both pictures you need to hold a paper that has “Fit Me Challenge October 1st” written the day of the challenge along with the marker you wrote with. On the last day of the challenge November 13th you will take same pictures front and side holding a paper and pen that reads “Fit Me Challenge November 13th”.  Winners will be chosen based on the biggest transformation. I do not want to know how much weight you’ve lost or inches or body fat! ITS WHAT YOUR PICTURES WILL SHOW! HOW MUCH YOU HAVE TRANSFORMED WITHIN 6 WEEKS!


Think about it, its 6 weeks of your life you will challenge yourself and dedicate yourself to! 6 weeks to get your ass into shape for the holidays! Yes we are almost at the end of the year but wouldn’t you want to end 2016 with a bang? Or hey even get a head start to 2017!?!?!?  


You will have to be creative with your meals! Think outside the box! If you were to get stuck on creating meals…resort to my social media! I post tons of recipes that you can use on the challenge ok!


If you want a challenge that will give you an awesome transformation, then give my “Fit-Me Challenge” a try! FOCUS AND DEDICATE YOUR FUCKING ASS AND WORK HARD! Trust me, greatness is within us but you have to find it in you and bring it out! Becoming healthy and fit is not hard… it becomes hard when you lose your heart and motivation!


IF you decide to take up this challenge… this is what I highly recommend you do to stay motivated! Go buy an outfit that you absolutely love or pull out some clothes in your closet that you use to love wearing because it would make you feel some type of way! Get that outfit and put it somewhere in your room or rest room where you will be able to see it daily! Every day when you wake up in the morning, look at that outfit and tell yourself “I AM GOING TO FUCKING WEAR YOU AGAIN AND ROCK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!”



Registration will open up September 19thand will close September 30th. I will announce when registration opens on social media and there will be a direct link on my site to register

Entrance fee will $150…. But think about it, it breaks down to $25 bucks a week… your asses spend more than that dropping it low at the club every weekend or en la pinche lonchera!!!!


1st Place - $500 Grand Prize

2nd Place- 3 months of free online training

3rd Place- 1 month of free online training


Winners will be announced on all my social media