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Goals regarding lifestyle changes are not always easily achieved on our own. Whether these goals are to reshape our bodies, maintain a current physique, or adopt healthier eating habits; the ultimate destination may often times feel out of reach. Myra Perez is here to help along this strenuous yet incredibly rewarding journey. Myra utilizes various resources to make her online training as personal as possible. Her training involves personalized fitness and meal plans, and direct communication through email, phone calls, and video chat. All these aspects create an intimate training experience regardless of the distance between her and her clients.

One especially important feature of Myra’s work is that it revolves entirely around women.  Myra feels the connections formed with her female clients are strongest and ultimately lead to a more positive experience for both parties involved. FeMme itself stands for “Female Empowerment Movement” and Myra seeks to do just that: empower and support women. If you are ready to make a lifestyle change and are prepared to put your everything into it, a FeMme program is waiting for you!

"All programs are based 100% on my clients needs and wants. Whether its your first time working out, over weight, underweight wanting to increase weight and muscle mass,  to an elite athlete, at home training, mommy wanting to get fit, guidance with nutrition, at home training, recovering from an injury, etc.

All programs come with workout plans and nutritional plan that you will follow for a month. Based on your progress, we will completely change up the programs or make certain adjustments so you are constantly succeeding and never at a plateau. 

Nutritional programs are very detailed (with macro count) so you know exactly what you consume. Workout plans are detailed as well letting you know reps and sets. Visual workouts can also be generated if you need that extra guidance. 

We are in constant communication via email. I never take more than 3 BUSINESS days to respond to any emails. You can email me questions regarding groceries, what to eat if you are going out to a restaurant, questions about exercise, etc. We can also schedule phone chats if needed.

I base progress off of pictures. Weight is somewhat deceiving when we are lowing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass! Keep in mind, your clothes never lies so its about how you begin to feel in your clothes :) 

There is never a challenge that is too challenging for me. We have to be realistic, set realistic goals, execute, and take it day by day!"

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For further questions please contact Fierce FeMme Fitness office: # 210-598-7933