Summer FitMe Challenge

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Ladies y Comadres, summer is right around the corner and we need to get our nalgas, souls, and minds in the best health of our lives with a correct balanced lifestyle approach.

The biggest mistake is that we think health is a number when in all reality health is a feeling! Let's start to feel great physically, mentally, emotionally,  and internally.

Do not do my challenge if you want a QUICK FIX or want a SECRET DIET PILL! I am here to educate, empower, and provide you with the tools needed to ATTAIN and SUSTAIN your wellness and fitness goals.


WHAT’s NEW and INcluded FOr
summer 2019 Fitme Challenge


Fitme Meal Plans with Interchangeable List


Ready for a new way of dieting without feeling like you are missing out? With the FitMe challenge we will help you gauge the calories you’ll need to make it happen with simple delicious meals and snacks. Not to mention "Surprise HEALTHY" cheats throughout the 6 weeks to encourage a NEW LIFESTYLE not just a temporary fix. FitMe Challenge comes with 3 NEW Nutritional Plans.

*vegan/vegetarian/breastfeeding friendly


FitMe Workouts with Video

6 Weeks of Planned Workouts

It’s not all about food. With the FitMe challenge you will also be guided through MANDATORY workouts to bring out the new you! FitMe challenge is a 6 week at home course, and as always with very minimal equipment needed to complete, ex. Jumprope. NEW for this Challenge are step by step Video Demonstrations for Extra Guidance.


FitMe Community Forum / Chat

FitMe Chat Community

Here you have a support chat where you all can chime in, empower each other, and help one another. This helps you all to interact with one another and get to ask other girls questions. Maybe you're having a hard time thinking of tasty breakfasts and someone can help you with that OR maybe you need help managing your weekly schedule and someone could give you some amazing advice. This chat room is for you girls and you only. I will have Surprise Healthy Cheat Recipes as well thru here.

FitMe Challenge participants also have Monday thru Friday Communication with me as well as access to a FitMe only Email for any questions as well as check-ins.


42 Days of Me


In my graduate studies and research I have realized that mental health is the most important dimension of wellness. This is why I have made it a priority for all of my challenge to have "42 days of me time" where we will learn to do something for ourselves daily that will give us healthy mental stimulation releasing endorphins. Health is not just about meeting a number on a scale or the physical changes, but also developing strong happy resilient minds and mindsets. Health starts within us and evident on all the non-scale victories we will accomplish throughout the six weeks. 

Cost and Prizes

  • $220 entrance fee

  • First place: $1000

  • Second place: $500

  • Third place: 3 months of online training


3 participants will be randomly selected to win one of three POLAR A370 waterproof fitness trackers

This challenge will be absolutely tough! Tough because you are going to have to hold yourself accountable! you will get all the information and guidance necessary to succeeD.....

My Last FitMe Challenge

FitMe participants have been transforming themselves day by day in the kitchen and with our FitME at home workouts, losing as much as 25 pounds, targeting those hard to tone areas, getting results and feeling amazing! Now you can too in as little as 6 weeks!