Hola Ladies y Comadres I hope you are ready for my ClapBack FitMe Challenge because this one is bigger and better than any previous challenge! I am looking forward to doing the challenge with you all and journaling my entire six weeks.

One of the biggest parts of the challenge is self-accountability. Of course I am here to help and guide you throughout the six weeks but you will have to hold yourself accountable in the kitchen and your workouts. Why in in the kitchen? Because I want you to build a relationship with food and enjoy cooking healthy meals. You will soon realize healthy meals are full of flavor and don’t have to be bland and boring to get health results. I am not physically there to help you get through the intense workouts but your integrity, honesty, and resilience will get you through your toughest days and you always have to hold yourself to the highest level of self-belief to allow yourself to get through these intense six weeks.

This FitMe challenge will come with three nutritional programs which are vegan/vegetarian/breastfeeding friendly, 6 different weeks of at home mandatory workouts (perfect for beginners to advanced athletes), no gym membership needed, interchangeable nutrition lists, support forums, videos of exercises, recipes, constant communication via email, surprise workouts, printable handouts, 42 days of “me time” targeting wellness, and of course weekly check ins!

Now let’s talk about the check ins. They will be every FRIDAY and will require you to log into the website and upload your front/side/back pictures in addition to a brief update to know how you’re doing. The check-in links will be active the entire weekend of the challenge so there is no excuses to not send an update (lets keep in mind no late submissions will be allowed)! Why do I require MANDATORY weekly pictures and check ins? Because it holds you accountable and it also allows you all to be transparent and honest with your transformations eliminating any sort of Photoshop to any pictures.


How are winners chosen? BY OVERALL TRANSFORMATION NOT WEIGHT LOST. At the end of the challenge I will compare your first set of pictures and your final set and compare them side by side and see your overall transformation. What does overall transformation mean? There is an evident change in your front, back, and side pictures. ITS OVERALL TRANSFORMATION.

Why is weight not important? Because we all carry our weight differently and our bodies transform and mold differently. And let me be brutally honest, a scale should never dictate your hard work and worth.

Let me put it this way, it’s a 6 week challenge where you will learn, build a sustainable lifestyle change, feel amazing, and be part of a supportive empowering sisterhood. It’s challenge where you focus on HEALTH being a feeling and NOT A NUMBER! We need to stop cutting corners and taking shortcuts to a healthier us. Its time to do wellness and fitness the correct way and create life lasting habits that are sustainable.



Registration will open up Oct 31 and will close Nov 3 at 11.59pm cst. I will announce when registration opens on social media and there will be a direct link on my site to register

1st Place - $1000 Grand Prize

2nd Place- $500

3rd Place- $100 Visa gift card

Winners will be announced on all my social media. Make sure you follow me INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK