Summer FitMe Challenge Photo uploads

Photo checkins are very important because not only do they keep you accountable but they also allow me to keep track of your physical changes. It is important that you submit your pictures by the deadlines or you will be automatically disqualified to win the prizes. Keep in mind if you miss a submission and are disqualified you are still part of the challenge and should continue participating 100%. We have made it easy to submit your photos online.

Here you can easily submit your check in for the first set of images. Remember to stick to the guidelines mentioned.

  • Paper needs to be visible in all your pictures for your first set of pictures

  • Paper does not need to be visible when taking picture of your weight

  • No need to have paper visible for your week 1 through week 5 photo uploads

  • Sports bra/bras/booty shorts/undies/ bikini/etc. (what will show most skin)

  • You will take front, side, back picture, and picture of scale showing current weight. I need to receive a grand total of 4 pictures.


  • Make sure you watch video above to answer all of your questions regarding photo uploads

All Fitme participants have access to reach me directly via email

Before you proceed make sure you have your photos ready for upload

FitMe Challenge Photo Upload Rules

First check in must be in no later than the 2nd of June 11:59pm. You do not have to wait until the 2nd of June to upload your first set of pictures. Upload your 4 pictures asap.

You will have the full weekends to Upload your photos Friday to Sunday Night as Followed:

Week 1: June 7 to 9 11:59pm CST
Week 2: June 14 to 16 11:59pm CST
Week 3: June 21 to 23 11:59pm CST
Week 4: June 28 to 30 11:59pm CST
Week 5: July 5 to 7 11:59pm CST
Week 6: July 12 to 14 11:59pm CST **FINAL CHECK IN**

Why do I require weekly pictures and compliance? Because I believe in integrity, honesty, and transparency! Weekly photo submissions is one of the best ways to keep you accountable and eliminate any slight cheating or photoshop! I hold you to high standards and you need to hold yourself to a high standard as well and make sure you upload your photos in time.


First Set Of Pictures

  • Sports bra/booty shorts/undies/ bikini (what will show most skin)

  • Keep in mind the more skin you show the better! I am able to do better side by side comparisons and really see the change in your body.

  • You will write on a piece of paper FitMe Challenge June 3rd 2019

  • You will take front, side, back picture, and picture of scale showing current weight. I need to receive a grand total of 4 pictures.


  • I will never expose your pictures without your consent


  • First set of pictures must be submitted no later than June 2nd 11:59 PM CST.

  • If pictures are not submitted by June 2nd 11:59pm central time, you will automatically be disqualified

  • Keep in mind you can send pictures as soon as you sign up!!!

Final Set Of Pictures

  • Once the challenge is over, you will take exact same pictures (front, side, and back holding paper and pen or taped on wall) once again receiving a grand total of 4 pictures

  • You will write FitMe Challenge July 14th 2019(last day of challenge)

  • Make sure you send your final set of pictures by July 14th 11:59pm CST. Pictures received later than the 14th will automatically get disqualified!

    *No need to hold paper when sending weekly check in photos.

    *IF any challengers shows any evidence of discrepancies/ Photoshop / non-compliance/ etc. will be automatically terminated from challenge at any moment (before/during/after) and will not be able to participate in current or future challenges.