FitMe Theory

Throughout the years of training exclusively women, I heard many lament about their lack of social support surrounding fitness. Furthermore, many said that if they became healthier and had social support, they would want to do more things with their children, go on dates with their significant other, be involved in social outings, excel in their careers, and even go back to school.

I realized that women wanted to become and feel empowered but lacked the resources.. I theorized that if women received social support and empowerment, they would move towards a healthy direction in various aspects of their life.

I have always been very passionate about empowering women. So passionate that I did my master thesis on the theoretical framework of the Empowerment Theory. Throughout my research in grad school I realized that a substantive body of fitness research demonstrates the critical role of social support helping individuals reach their fitness and wellness goals.

My master thesis capstone paper is titled “Empowering Women Through Wellness and Fitness” and my research highlights the importance of empowering women through wellness and fitness.

My years in grad school assured me that my heart and passion is in the right place and that I needed to do more for my community and serve my women. This is when I made it my mission to create a wellness and fitness lifestyle challenge that empowers, educate, and motivates women to become the healthiest versions of themselves. My challenges have always been based on empowerment, wellness, and fitness and with the extensive research I did on my capstone, I realized more than ever that the sisterhood and culture I am creating amongst my challenges will benefit and serve a deeper purpose for every woman that partakes in one.

The long term goal of every woman who enters the challenge is to create a domino effect of empowering, educating, and inspiring those closest to them. Every person who enters their life will leave feeling better and healthier.